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We provide high quality mediation and excellent client service. Our rates are reasonable and there are no additional administration costs.

Mediation costs £60 per person per hour in Frome and Warminster. It costs £70 per person per hour in Salisbury, due to the higher costs there. Most mediation appointments last 1.5 hours and most mediations are resolved between 2 and 5 meetings. 

Prior to the first joint appointment, individual consultations are offered (also known as a MIAM - Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting). The cost of each individual consultation is £60 (or £70 in Salisbury).

Child-inclusive mediation is charged as other appointments, i.e. either £60 or £70 per hour, depending on venue used.

An Open Statement of Financial Information and a Memorandum of Understanding each cost £60 per person to prepare.

It is our experience that whereas most mediations are effective with one mediator, the occasional meeting may benefit from the presence of two mediators, particularly if there have been protracted Court proceedings or where emotions are running particularly high. Co-mediations (i.e. two mediators) cost either £90 or £105 per hour per person depending on the venue.


Costs can be allocated between both parties in whatever proportion both parties agree is reasonable.

Payment can be made either by cheque or cash payable on the day, or by bank transfer the day before the appointment.

If you wish to provide us with a general overview of your income and costs of rent/mortgage and maintenance, we can work out if you are likely to qualify for legal aid.